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NewsBWP Free WiFiVideo
Mar 01 2016

URBAN WATER MANAGEMENT PLAN UPDATE The City of Burbank has prepared a Final version of its 2015 Urb [ ... ]

Home Improvement Program
Sep 16 2015Home Improvement Program

New Name, Same Great Program! BWP's Green Home House Call is now the Home Improvement Program. et [ ... ]

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NewsBWP Free WiFiVideo


About BWP Free WiFi

  • BWP Free WiFi is an open, public WiFi access that covers most areas of Burbank and it's free!

    The free WiFi is made possible through the new advanced metering and WiFi system put in by Burbank Water and Power.

    BWP Free WiFi uses the existing wireless technology powering Burbank Water and Power’s upgrade to modern and secure wireless metering for its water and electricity customers.

    The system can handle approximately 10,000 connections at one time. Some areas may receive more traffic and experience slower response times.

    The BWP Free WiFi is just another benefit to the citizens of Burbank who are customer-owners of their community owned municipal utility, Burbank Water and Power.

Where can I find BWP Free WiFi?

  • There are approximately 400 WiFi transmitters throughout Burbank capable of supporting about 10,000 connections at one time. Signal strength decreases the farther away you are from a transmitter and natural or constructed obstacles may block WiFi signals in some locations.

Staying safe, is data encrypted or safeguarded?

  • BWP’s Free WiFi is not encrypted and private information such as credit card, bank or personal information should not be transmitted over BWP’s Free WiFi without taking precautions.

What do I need to connect to the internet?

  • All you need to use the network is a WiFi-enabled device equipped with a browser.

    Internet browsers include Internet Explorer, Safari, Chrome and Firefox.

What wireless network standard is used?

  • BWP Free WiFi is 802.11b/g/n compatible.

Connecting your device with BWP’s Free WiFi

  • If you're familiar with using WiFi networks, follow these instructions:

    Open your device's connection manager.

    Connect to the network name “BWP Free WiFi”.

    Click the “Get Connected” button to accept Terms and Conditions.

    When you're connected to the BWP Free WiFi, open your Internet browser.

    If you lose connection for a period of time, your system might automatically establish your connection again.

NewsBWP Free WiFiVideo
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