We've Noticed a Big Increase of Impersonators Claiming to be BWP

These people are professional scammers and know lots of tricks to make you think they are legitimate. Good news: you can avoid these scams by knowing how they operate and taking the steps to protect yourself from scammer tactics.


BWP Will Never Call and Demand Payment

Utility companies don't call and demand payment immediately from customers who are overdue. To add credibility, scammers often use "spoofing technology" that makes your caller ID display BWP's name and published phone number. If someone claiming to be BWP calls you and asks you to make immediate payment with a pre-paid card like MoneyPak or MoneyCard, HANG UP.

BWP Will Never Call Because Your Account is "Red-Flagged"

Scammers posing as BWP are calling customers to let them know their BWP Account has been "red-flagged" for electric usage. This is a scam! BWP will never call you to tell you that your BWP account has been "red-flagged." Be sure to tell your friends and neighbors so they can avoid being scammed.

SCAM ALERT: Fraudulent Letters Being Mailed to Customers

The letter, written on forged or stolen Burbank Water and Power letterhead, refers to the Burbank Forestry Services and instructs residents to remove dead palm fronds from their trees or they will be subjected to a fine. Burbank Water and Power does not cite customers for the removal of vegetation and would not refer to Burbank Forestry Services, which is a nonexistent agency in Burbank. Any letter from Burbank Water and Power would include a contact person with an authorized signature. This is missing from the fraudulent letter. If you receive this letter, or if someone claiming to be BWP shows up to your home in response to this letter, please report to the Burbank Police Department at 818-238-3000. For Emergencies only, dial 9-1-1Click here to see an example of the fraudulent letter.

BWP Does Not Ask for Money to Trim Trees

Another scam is tree trimmers claiming to be associated with BWP and asking for money to trim trees. BWP does not ask for money to trim trees. BWP employees and contractors are happy to show you their BWP ID badge to verify their identity. If you feel threatened in any way by someone at your property claiming to represent BWP, dial 818-238-3000 for police assistance.

Don't Take Unsolicited Offers

BWP has many programs and services available to help you save energy and water. You must opt in to participate in these services. Our partners will never ask you to pay for the services they offer. If someone claiming to represent BWP by offering discounts on services like tree trimming, air conditioner tune-ups, or solar installation, DON'T BUY IT.

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