GoGreen Financing

The GoGreen Financing program from the California State Treasurer's Office provides lending options for customers to help them finance energy improvements that can make homes and businesses more efficient and comfortable.
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GoGreen Financing Serves Three Property Types:


Financing for homeowners
 and renters.



Financing for affordable multifamily building owners.


Small Business

Financing for small business property owners and tenants.


GoGreen Home Energy Financing

Previously called the Residential Energy Efficiency Loan (REEL) Assistance Program, GoGreen Home Energy Financing (GoGreen Home) features zero fees and closing costs along with unmatched interest rates, so you can afford to start saving energy now while improving comfort and building value in your home.


GoGreen Affordable Multifamily Energy Financing

GoGreen Affordable Multifamily Energy Financing (GoGreen Multifamily) helps the owners of California’s affordable multifamily properties manage energy expenses and prepare for the future.


GoGreen Business Energy Financing

This is the program formerly known as the Small Business Energy Efficiency Financing (SBF) Program. Just like SBF, GoGreen Business Energy Financing (GoGreen Business) is the hassle-free way for entrepreneurs to optimize their business’s energy performance and shrink operating costs.

GoGreen is Administered by the State
 with the Support of the Utilities

The California Public Utilities Commission authorized the California investor-owned utilities (PG&E®, SDG&E®, SCE®, and SoCalGas®)* to collaborate with certain state agencies in the development of energy efficiency financing programs and to assist in building awareness about them. Consumers are encouraged to explore lending options for the financing of energy improvements that can make homes and businesses more efficient and comfortable.

Because the program is funded by the state’s investor-owned utilities, 70% of the financed amount in Burbank must go to new, energy-efficient gas appliances. Items like attic insulation, windows, and HVAC qualify under this category. The remaining 30% of your loan amount can be used to upgrade electric appliances like whole-house fans, pool pumps, and even non-energy improvements, like landscaping or remodeling.

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