Recycled Water


BWP is Expanding Burbank's Recycled Water System

BWP is rapidly expanding the recycled water system throughout Burbank. Burbank has a policy to require the use of recycled water for targeted large irrigated landscaped areas and other industrial uses. This will rapidly increase the use of recycled water helping make water availability in Burbank more sustainable.

Recycled Water Conversion Assistance Program (RWCAP)

RWCAP offers a rebate to assist Burbank customers converting to Recycled Water. The rebate reimburses the cost of the LA County Department of Public Health permit and inspection fee. Funds are limited and are on a first-come, first-served basis.

Recycled Water Quality Reports

The Burbank Water Reclamation Plant produces tertiary-treated recycled water which is distributed by BWP to our customers. A series of treatment and purifying steps ensures that the end product meets or exceeds all state and federal guidelines.

Recycled Water for Plants

Recycled water has a higher concentration of dissolved salts than drinking water. Water with high levels of salts can have adverse effects on plants, however, most recycled water produced does not have harmful levels of salts for most plants.