March 2013

First to Commit to 33 Percent by 2020 

In June 2007, the Burbank City Council approved BWP's recommendation to secure 33 percent of Burbank's energy needs from renewable energy by 2020, making Burbank the first city in the nation to step up to this ambitious goal.

Increase Renewable Energy and Decrease use of Coal

Just ten years ago most of Burbank’s energy came from coal. Burbank’s dependence on  coal will continue to drop as our renewable energy portfolio grows.

Meeting the 33 Percent Goal



Through March 2013, over 25 percent of all energy used by Burbank homes and businesses came from renewable energy sources and will reach 33 percent in the next few years.

Increase Renewable Energy, Decrease Green House Gas Emissions

Burbank’s renewable energy comes from solar, wind, geothermal, low impact hydroelectric, municipal solid waste and landfill gas. With the increase in renewable energy comes a corresponding reduction in greenhouse gas emissions.