Solar Billing Questions

Do you have questions about how solar billing works? You came to the right place!

Solar is Billed by Net Energy Metering

With Net Energy Metering (NEM), solar customers are eligible to receive a bill credit for any excess generation produced by their solar system and have the credit automatically applied to their account when it is needed.


How Net Energy Metering Works

With NEM, your meter runs forward when using energy from BWP and backwards when your solar system is producing more energy than is being used. Excess generation is credited to you and applied to your account at times of low energy generation—like at night when there is no sun.

Why You Will Still Receive a Bill After Installing Solar

While your solar system may produce enough energy to cover your consumption, there are fixed charges on your bill that are necessary to pay for utility costs. These charges will always exist as long as you're connected to BWP’s electric grid.


Help Reading Your Bill

Need some help understanding your bill with solar? No problem! Check out this guide that will help you learn how to read your solar statement.