Lead the Charge

Upgrade your business with EV charging stations and get up to $15,000 per charging station in rebates from BWP.

Burbank businesses can lead the charge with BWP's new Commercial Electric Vehicle Charging Station Rebate Program to give their customers and employees the charge they need to get where they are going. Rebates offset some of the costs of purchasing and installing EV charging stations for your business.

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Who’s Eligible for the Program?

All commercial customers in Burbank, including multi-family buildings, can reduce their costs by up to $15,000 per charging station. Lead the charge, and make your business more electric as you drive toward a cleaner future.


Small Business Owners

Give your customers a place to recharge and your business a boost.
  • Attract and retain customers
  • Reduce air pollution

Large Business Owners

Invest in your company's future and lead the way to a greener tomorrow.
  • Get a competitive edge with
    EV charging stations
  • Be an industry leader

Multifamily Building Owners

Give your renters the amenities that matter, and upgrade their quality of living by installing EV charging stations.
  • Give EV-owning residents peace of mind
  • Attract and retain tenants

Need help figuring out where you fit in?

If you still have some questions about the process, please call us at (818) 238-3653 or email [email protected].

Rebate Amounts Breakdown

Commercial Customers in Burbank are eligible to receive rebates per charge port, up to the amounts in the following table.

Rebate Amounts
Each commercial customer is limited to 40 total rebates, or 15% of their total parking, whichever is fewer.
DACs and/or Public Access Multi-family Residences Other
Utility Infrastructure UpgradeiA Utility Infrastructure upgrade refers to when the EV charging deployment requires the utility to install new equipment, or up-size existing equipment in order to serve the charging stations.
Level 1iA Level 1 EV charger is a cord or charging system that typically comes with the vehicle and can be plugged into a standard 120 Volt, 20 Amp circuit wall outlet.
N/A $3,500 N/A
Level 2/DC Fast ChargeriA level 2 system provides faster charging than Level 1, and requires a 208 or 240V, most commonly on a 40A circuit. DC Fast Chargers most commonly require a 277/480V circuit, and are much higher power than Level 1 and Level 2.
$4,000 $4,000 $1,800
With Utility Infrastructure Upgrade
Level 2/DC Fast Charger $7,500 $7,500 $3,500
DACs and/or Public Access
Customers in Disadvantaged Communities (DACs), or those that would make their stations available to the public, are eligible for a larger rebate for Level 2 and DC fast charging stations. Disadvantaged communities, as defined by CalEPA, are identified at calepa.ca.gov/envjustice/ghginvest.
Multi-family Residences
Multi-family residences will receive the same rebate amounts as DACs and publicly accessible charging stations, and will also be eligible to receive rebates for Level 1 charging stations in some situations.
Charging stations that do not fit the descriptions above, such as those deployed for fleets, or workplace charging that is only accessible by employees, will be eligible for the rebate amounts in the "other" column.
Utility Infrastructure Upgrade
A Utility Infrastructure upgrade refers to when the EV charging deployment requires the utility to install new equipment, or up-size existing equipment in order to serve the charging stations. All commercial customers who require a utility upgrade to install charging stations will be eligible for an enhanced rebate.

Check Available Funding

Please note that the funds available for the rebates are limited and that a completed application is not a guarantee that you will receive a rebate.


*Available funding is updated weekly. If you would like to confirm the available funding, please email [email protected].

Follow these Steps to Apply for the EV Charging Station Rebate Program

Burbank businesses can lead the charge to a greener, more sustainable future. BWP is here to help with charging stations, and to help make the process pain-free.


Come Up With a Plan

Talk with your internal team and determine what you need. Review terms and conditions and FAQs to ensure your plan complies with the program's requirements.
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You will need to determine:

  1. The total number of charge ports deployed.
  2. Charging level: Level 1, Level 2, or DC fast charging.
  3. The location of charging stations at your site: Locating the charging stations as close as possible to the electric panel may minimize costs.
  4. If your planned deployment meets all applicable code requirements. Rules and regulations, including accessibility, will influence some of your decisions. We recommend that you work with an EV charging station professional to guide you through this process.

Review With a Professional

Once you have developed your plan, contact a licensed electrical contractor or engineer to inspect the site.
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Once you have developed a plan, a licensed electrical contractor or engineer should evaluate that plan to ensure that it can meet code requirements and to see if your site has sufficient electrical capacity.

Electric vehicle charging stations have their own accessibility requirements and may necessitate additional accessible spaces.

The licensed electrical contractor or engineer can determine if the additional electric demand from the new charging stations will require upgrades to your existing electric panel. If upgrades are necessary, your contractor will need to contact BWP’s Electric Service Planning at (818) 238-3575 to determine if the BWP infrastructure serving your site has enough capacity, or if an upgrade is needed.

Apply for Permits

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At this point, your licensed contractor should have prepared the design for the electric infrastructure serving the new charging stations (from the meter to the charging stations) together with a cost estimate and schedule. You should also have selected and ordered the make(s) and model(s) of charging stations, as these may influence the design. You may then apply for permits with Burbank’s Building & Safety Division. In case you need to trench, excavation permits may also be required from the Public Works.

Please note that if your site needs a new panel, you will have to contact BWP’s Service Planning before applying for permits (see #2 above).

Get Your Rebate Reservation

There is limited funding for these rebates; get your reservation by filling out part 1 of the application.
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You can now request a rebate reservation by submitting Part 1 of the program application and the required documents, including a copy of your permit applications (showing the filing number issued by the City).  At this point, the permits do not need to be approved.  If your application and documents meet the program’s requirement and funding is available, we will issue a rebate reservation to you.

Confirm Your Reservation

After your permits have been approved, you can submit part 2 of the application.
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After Building & Safety (and Public Works, as applicable) approves your permit applications, you may submit Part 2 with your approved permits. Please do so within two months from your rebate reservation approval date. If you are running into delays, you may request an extension no later than five days after the expiration of the two months. You may lose your rebate reservation otherwise.

Prepare for Utility Infrastructure Upgrade (Optional)

If your site requires an infrastructure upgrade, you may have to pay a deposit to BWP to initiate the design.
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If the BWP electric infrastructure serving your site requires an upgrade, you may have to pay an engineering deposit to BWP to initiate the design process. After payment of the deposit, you will receive an Aid in Construction letter and a Confirmation of Electric Service from BWP, including the proposed design and a cost estimate for upgrading the BWP infrastructure. You will have to approve these and pay the cost estimate to move forward or contact BWP’s Service Planning if you want to request changes.

Start Construction

It's time for your contractor to start installing the charging stations.
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In this phase, your contractor deploys the required infrastructure and installs the charging stations (and BWP installs any required utility infrastructure upgrades to serve your site) Your contractor will then arrange for an inspection with Building and Safety. You will need to apply the charging pricing policy consistent with the load management plan agreed upon in your rebate application. You are now ready to operate the stations!

Submit Paperwork & Get Paid

After your site passes inspection, it's time to submit the last part of the application.
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After your site passes inspection, you will need to submit Part 3 of the application with all required documentation within six months from your rebate reservation approval data. BWP may then inspect the deployed stations at your site and verify that they meet the program's requirements. Once your rebate payment is approved, you will receive a check-in for eight weeks.

Download the Application

To begin the application process, you will need to download the Rebate Application and the Rebate Spreadsheet.

PDF Application Icon
Commercial EV Program Charging Station Rebate Application
Spreadsheet Icon
Commercial EV Program Charging Station Rebate Spreadsheet
If you have already filed an application and need to request an extension, make an appeal, or just have some more questions, we've got you covered.
FAQ Extension Icon
Find answers to our frequently asked questions about the Commercial EV Charger Rebate Program.
PDF Extension Icon
Apply for an extension of your rebate application
PDF Appeal Icon
Apply for an appeal of your rebate application
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