Frequently Asked Questions About Wood Pole Inspections

Have a question? We're here to help! Find answers to our frequently asked questions about wood pole inspections in Burbank.

1. Who is Osmose Utilities Services, Inc.?

Osmose is a national corporation recognized as an expert in wood pole inspections. They have been fully vetted by the City of Burbank and are bonded and licensed accordingly.

2. How do I know if the person REALLY works for Osmose and Burbank Water and Power?

Osmose staff will present their identification (yellow BWP Contractor picture ID badge) as well as a letter of introduction with BWP contact information. Should you feel a need to confirm, please call (818) 238-3575.

3. I am concerned for my privacy; will Osmose be taking pictures of my property?

Yes, Osmose will be taking pictures to document their work and discovered wood pole conditions. The pictures will only be of the pole and the immediately surrounding area. When appropriate, they may take a picture of a private property pre-existing condition, such as a broken flower pot next to a pole. Beyond these types of pictures, none should be taken of private property. Both BWP and Osmose value and respect your privacy.

4. What type of work is Osmose going to perform on my property?

Osmose will be performing a mandated safety inspection and treatment of the wood pole. This may typically include excavating, sounding (checking for internal voids), drilling, and treating of the wood pole. There will be a level of short term noise associated with these functions.

5. Will Osmose be using any hazardous chemicals to treat the poles?

No, Osmose will be inserting EPA approved wood preservatives that will be contained inside the pole. They will utilize plastic type plugs to seal any borings that are created.

6. When will Osmose be performing the inspections?

Osmose will contact you (knock on your door) prior to entering your property. If you are not home, they will leave a door hanger with a phone number to call to schedule their return to perform the inspection. Osmose will be performing inspections Monday through Friday from 8:00am to 5:00pm. They will NOT perform inspections on Saturday, Sunday, or legal holidays.

7. Why do you need access to my back yard?

Osmose will need access to the wood pole on your property in order to perform the inspection. If the pole is located in your backyard, then they will need access to your backyard. If your property is immediately adjacent to the wood pole, they may need to access your property.

8. Will you need to come into my house or garage?

No, Osmose is not allowed to walk through your residence or garage in order to access the pole.

9. What condition will my property be in after the inspection is completed?

Osmose will perform a good faith effort to restore the worksite to its original condition.

10. Who do I contact concerning damage to my property as a result of the wood pole inspection?

Osmose is responsible for any damage they may cause while performing their inspections. To report damage, please contact the Osmose Supervisor, Brian Witzel, at (678) 736-1301. While unlikely, if you do not receive a satisfactory response from Osmose, please contact the BWP Wood Pole Inspection Project Manager, Bobola Akerson at (818) 238-3570.

11. Will you be shutting off my power?

No, your power will remain on during the inspection process.

12. How long will it take for you to inspect the pole?

It typically takes roughly 10-15 minutes to inspect the pole.

13. Will you be cutting or trimming the trees at the top of the pole?

No, line clearance tree trimming is not part of the inspection process. Osmose may trim surrounding vegetation to gain access to the base of the pole.

14. Are you going to be climbing the pole?

No, Osmose performs the inspections at the base of the pole.

15. Do you need me to move my vehicle?

Possibly (case dependent), this may be needed to give Osmose room to work on the pole and reduce the risk of damage.

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