3 Days/Week Irrigation is Burbank's "New Normal"

Outside of a few pockets, California’s drought is thankfully over. But, we live in an arid climate and drought cycles will come again. That’s why Burbank’s City Council made 3 Days/Week Burbank’s irrigation limit. Read the Sustainable Water Use Ordinance for more information on Burbank's water restrictions.

3 Days/Week is Sufficient to Sustain a Healthy Landscape

During the height of the drought, just two days per week irrigation was allowed during warmer months and we know that some lawns suffered. Landscape professionals say that three days per week watering is sufficient to sustain a healthy landscape. In fact, too much irrigation is actually unhealthy for your lawn, limiting its ability to grow deep roots. If you find that extra watering is occasionally needed, you can always water by hand.

Water Waste Citations

Failure to comply with Burbank’s water wasting rules may result in a fine. Fines are $100 for the first violation, $200 for the second violation, and $500 for every violation thereafter.

Report Water Waste

Fill out our online form if you've noticed a water wasting condition.

Received a Citation?

Here are your options on how to handle your water waste citation.

Helpful Drought Information