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At BWP, we are always working on ways to help you save energy and money. Last year, we kicked off Earth Day by starting a two-year "Home Energy Reports" program that provides residents with customized tips on how to reduce their electric bills. Half of all Burbank homes have been receiving these reports for the better part of a year and, in a few months, we will provide the Home Energy Reports to the rest of Burbank. These reports were made possible through a partnership with an innovative company called Opower. Now, BWP and Opower are partnering together again to bring you a social energy app that will make saving energy easier than ever – and fun!


Compare Energy Use to Similar Homes: See how your home energy use compares to similar homes in your area. Find out if you could be saving more money on your energy bill or if you are already an energy saving superstar.
Compare Energy Use among Friends: Invite your Facebook friends to join in the fun. You can compare how your energy use ranks against your friends, swap energy saving tips, and compete to have the lowest energy usage.
Publish Conversations about Energy to your Facebook Newsfeed: Share information about your energy use, rank, group participation, and tips.
Team Up and Compete to Save Energy: Form teams to help each other achieve energy saving goals and compete against other teams for bragging rights and energy bill savings.
Join and Upload Energy Data Easily: At your request, a secure Utility Data Connect system will automatically import your energy usage data so that you won't have to manually input information.
Opt-in Program: This is a 100% voluntary program. You are in control and decide if you want to participate and share your energy use information with friends. There is no cost to participate, so try it out and let us know what you think!



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Receive an Opower Home Energy Report? View your online report here!