Solar PV Images

Images of BWP's First Commercial Solar Photovoltaic Installation

Burbank proudly welcomes our first commercial solar photovoltaic installation! Kev Kalendarian, owner of Saro Trading located at 3333 West Pacific Avenue, installed a 70 kilowatt solar electricity system on his business rooftop. Mr. Kalendarian received a $9,000 rebate for this project from Burbank Water and Power.

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One of three PV arrays at Saro Trading

Kev Kalendarian, owner of Saro Trading and a 70 kW PV system, poses with BWP solar program administrator John Joyce

In 2004, Burbank resident Robert Beher fulfilled a dream and installed a two kilowatt solar photovoltaic system at his home. BWP rewarded this project with a $6,000 rebate, helping to make the project affordable to Mr. Beher. John Joyce, BWP's resident solar expert, received the following letter of appreciation from Mr. Beher.


I guess the first thing I want to do is thank you and Burbank Water And Power for assisting me in my desire of 10+ years to have solar power with the help of the city's rebate program. It's very unfortunate that solar energy systems cost so much, [but] with the rebate program it definitely came within my grasp.

When I initially started thinking of going solar I just thought it would be cool. Times have changed however and now I see myself amongst the handful of others who will be battling rising energy costs and doing their part to help save the environment. You don't know how great it is everytime I walk by the inverter installed on the side of my house and see the digital read-out of the amount of "Greenhouse Gases" saved in pounds. In the short time the system has been operational I'm up over 500lbs.

When I started researching systems one of the first things I had to decide was if I wanted to go with a battery back up system or grid tied. At this point batteries are unfortunately not at peak efficiency in both cost and reliability. Using the grid as a place to store any excess power I create during the day and the drawing back whatever I may need in the evenings is just good sense. I'm not a doomsdayer thinking that at any moment we will lose all power for whatever reason and the city would shut down. The city has a great track record of keeping the lights on. I think in the 12+ years I've lived here I've experienced maybe 2 black-outs, at the most a half hour each. That track record also helped me decide to go with a grid tied system. The city's power system has been very reliable.

While original estimates have my system paying for itself in 15 to 20 years, I again feel that rising energy costs will bring it down from that to possibly 10 or less. And again I love that I am being part of the solution for a cleaner, healthier future for everyone.

Thanks again for everything,

Robert Beher

Burbank Resident Robert Beher on the roof with his 2 kW solar PV system

In the late 1990s, BWP built a 4-kilowatt solar electricity generating system. This was the first solar project of its kind in Burbank and has served as a demonstration site for many residents and businesses interested in learning more about solar power.

4 kW solar PV system at BWP employee parking area.

Solar system at Big Dog Productions

225 kW Solar System on Burbank Airport Hanger

Solar system at Burbank airport

45 kW Solar System at Big Dog Productions

Solar PV and solar pool heater

7.3 kW Solar PV and Solar pool heater

Ground mount solar PV

7.3 kW Residential Ground Mount Solar PV