BWP’s “The Wire” Newsletter – News You Can Use

“The Wire” is a free resource provided by BWP for Burbank businesses.  Discover ways to enhance your facility’s operations and your bottom line. We will post issues here or you can sign up to receive ”The Wire” monthly, sent directly to your email address.

Here's just a few of the standard features:

What You Get from “The Wire” 
Each issue features technical and business issues important to businesses, including how to lower costs, improve productivity, and reduce energy usage.

Business Resources at Your Fingertips 
The online research library provides information for all types of businesses, from retail to manufacturing. Topics include business development, process technologies, managing facility systems and equipment, and much more.

Targeted Research 
A simple click opens the way to valuable, time-saving research. Perform online searches or request one-on-one technical assistance in your search for industry-specific utility information, company profiles, patents and more. Material safety data sheets (MSDS) and workplace posters, required by law, are available too. 

"Ask An Expert" Hotline 
Confidential, one-on-one access to a team of researchers, engineers, technicians, and economic development professionals is available at the "Ask An Expert" hotline.

Enroll today by emailing Alfred Antoun at or call 818-238-3638.