Green Home House Call



Burbank Water and Power Pays 100% of
Green Home House Call Upgrades! 


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Program Details

Home upgrades provided by the Green Home House Call will improve energy and water efficiency - Improved energy and water efficiency make for a more comfortable home.

Available to all Burbank residents living in single or multi-family homes, condos or apartments.

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  • NEW! Air Seal Services*, including a blower door test, sealing of air leaks, and a combustion safety test

  • Attic Insulation


  • Central Air Conditioning Tune-up

  • Duct Sealing

  • Indoor & outdoor energy-saving light bulbs


  • Water efficient showerheads & faucet aerators

  • Irrigation sprinkler system check & controller programming

  • NEW! Thermostatic showerhead control valve

  • NEW! High efficiency toilets


  • NEW! Water pipe insulation

Personalized report to help you manage electricity, water and natural gas consumption in the future

*Single family homes with central air conditioning and heating will be assessed for possible insulation services.

**Single family homes will be assessed for replacing high water use toilets (over 1.6 GPM) with high efficiency toilets.



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Burbank Leader Article

2011 Public Benefits Award

2013 National ACEEE Award


Green Home house call upgrades - BWP pays 100%