Efficiency Incentives

BWP offers many programs and services for Burbank residents. Click on the following Rebates, Programs and Services and Online Web Tools for additional details.


Appliance Rebates for ENERGY STAR™ appliances and other home improvements.


Smart Irrigation Rebates for weather-based irrigation controllers and rotating sprinkler nozzles.

High-Efficiency Toilet Rebates for dual-flush or 1.28 gallon per flush toilets.


Solar Power Rebates Make your own electricity from the sun.

Electric Vehicle Chargers Rebates for residents who purchase and install a Level 2 charger.


Go Native! Rebates for removing live turf and replacing it with a California friendly landscape.

SoCal Gas Company Rebates for certain ENERGY STAR™ appliances.




A/C Tune-Up Program to help reduce your cooling bills up to 40 percent!


Refrigerator Round-Up: Recycle your second refrigerator and get a billing credit applied to your BWP bill.

Home Improvement Program: A FREE service that provides weatherization, energy, and water efficiency products.


Lifeline & Low-Income Refrigerator Exchange: Exchange your older primary refrigerator for a new ENERGY STAR™ refrigerator for FREE.

Made in the Shade: FREE shade trees to keep your air-conditioning costs lower.


Lifeline & LifeSupport Programs: Special rates for qualifying customers.

Home Energy Report: Say hello to your home energy report and save energy today.



Below are a few online tools that will help you analyze your home and show you how you can make improvements that will help you save:

Choosing Efficient Lighting: Find the efficient lighting solution that's best for your home.


Social Energy App to share and compare energy use with friends on Facebook.

Home Energy Survey to know where your energy is used in your home.


Water Calculator to know where your water is used in your home.

Energy Star at Home Interactive Tool to see how to make your home energy efficient.


Save Water at Home Interactive Tool to see simple ways to use water wisely.

See your home energy use! Sign in to view your daily, monthly, and yearly energy use. Learn how you use – and could save – energy!


Garden Wise Website: Tour water efficient gardens and create your own plant list.