Made in the Shade!

free shade trees

Shade your
home or
business with
FREE trees to
keep air
costs lower!

Program Details:

Trees are nature’s air conditioners with the ability to reduce air conditioning use from 10% to 50%.

Residents can select up to 3 shade trees and Businesses up to 20 shade trees all for free!

A certified arborist will help you select the best planting sites and the best trees for those sites. We’ll also provide stakes, ties and arbor guards, also for free!

Burbank renters can also participate if they receive written authorization from the owner. 

Click on the Made in the Shade brochure for more information.

YES! I want to Participate!

Simply call our program arborist at 818-957-8196 to schedule a consultation at your property.


To view a short video about this service from BWP, please
click here.