Smart Grid Program

Additional Information
  1. What is Smart Grid? PDF

  2. BWP Modernization FAQs PDF

  3. Smart Grid Info Junction Video

  4. Radio Frequency Safety
    of Trilliant Wireless Smart

  5. Comparison of Residential to Commercial Meters PDF

  6. Alternative Meter Option -
    Report to City Council

  7. How to read your
    electric meter

    Your electric meter will continuously flash three separate messages. The first should say 'Closed.' This means that power is flowing into your home or business. The second message on your meter will be '888.888.' This is a screen test that ensures your meter is working properly. The last screen will flash a number. This is your current kilowatt-hour read. You can subtract this current read from any previous read (for instance, the last read shown on your bill) to get your current energy consumption.

  8. How to read your
    water meter PDF

A New Era, the Same Commitment to You

Smart Meters

From summer 2011 through early 2012, BWP installed new state-of-the-art meters at all homes and businesses. These new "smart meters" help us improve service to you and, over time, will provide you with the information and tools that give you better control over your energy use and your bill.

What Sets Our Meters Apart

BWP has selected meters that only communicate with the utility to provide consumption information for efficient billing. We have two types of residential meters: General Electric's I-210+c meter and Landys+Gyr Focus AX series. As the marketplace matures, customers will have the choice and control to add more communications later to take advantage of new products and services. Click on the files below for more information.

Trilliant Architechture - White Paper: This paper discusses the pros and cons of placement of the Home Area Network (HAN) gateway in the meter or in a separate device. BWP elected to exclude the HAN from our meters.

ANSI Design Evaluation Report: This file shows how BWP's meter connectivity differs from other cities.

Home Area Network model: This test report summarizes the test results from the laboratory evaluation of the GE I-210+cRD electronic watt-hour meter with a Trilliant Securemesh AMI Module. This report contains results from the applicable performance standards specified by the American National Standards Institute (ANSI).

To view a short PBS video on Smart Grid click here.

Our Commitment to You

Over the last century BWP has evolved to meet the needs of our growing community. Today, Burbank, along with the rest of the nation, is seeking more sustainable ways to do business, minimize our dependence on foreign oil, develop clean renewable energy sources, and protect our water and natural resources.

As BWP approaches 100 years of service to Burbank and plans for the future, our commitment to our customers remains the same as it has over the last century:

  • Be accountable to you.
  • Provide you and your family with safe, reliable, and affordable service.
  • Be good stewards of our natural resources for the enjoyment of generations to come.

Important Notice!

Water and electric service in the City of Burbank is only provided through BWP-installed meters. Tampering with or removal of a meter is both unsafe and against the law. Any such activity may lead to fines or service interruption.