Important update:
The AC Replace Before It Breaks Program will end on October 2. Unfortunately, no new applications are being accepted. We are working on a new rebate program for air conditioners and will have more information soon. For information on BWP rebates, please visit our residential rebates webpage.

AC Replace Before It Breaks
Rebate Program

We know you're home now, more than ever. 

Don't risk getting stuck with a broken AC. BWP is here to help you stay cool!
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Up to $3,000 Rebate for the Replacement of Your Older, Less-Efficient Central AC!

Older air conditioning (AC) units are expensive to operate, maintain, and fix when they break down. 

Don't get stuck in the heat! We're offering a rebate up to $3,000 to help you replace your old, costly central AC unit before it breaks down. Older heat pumps may also be eligible.*

Combine with other BWP and SoCalGas rebates to earn even more savings!

* Maximum rebate for AC Replace Before It Breaks Rebate Program is $3,000. ​This rebate program applies to central AC units including heat pumps. Does not apply to wall/window AC units or mini-split systems. Click here for more information on types of air conditioning units.

Combine Rebates for Even More Savings

You want to be comfortable and lower your energy costs, but replacing your AC is a significant investment. We understand, and we're helping you to maximize your savings.

Combine up to $3,000 from the AC Replace Before It Breaks Rebate Program with other BWP and SoCalGas rebates to save thousands of dollars on installation and set yourself up for future savings.** 

Select a contractor to get started, and stay cool!

Here's How to Combine Your Savings:

BWP Residential Rebate Program
Combine Rebates to Save Even More!

In addition to saving up to $3,000 through the AC Replace Before It Breaks Rebate Program, you can save even more with our Residential Rebate Program.​ Qualifying energy-efficient AC units earn rebates of $140-$250 per ton.

Learn More About Our Residential Rebate Program >
1 There are air conditioning systems that are oversized for the home. This is an opportunity to install units that are the appropriate size.

2 Multi-Stage Capability allows for the HVAC system to adjust its power output depending on the temperature in the home.

Example assumes a 15 SEER (Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio) AC, purchased in Burbank. See our Residential Rebate Program for more details.
** BWP's residential rebate program provides rebates of up to $250/ton (SEER 18+, purchase in Burbank). ​See respective rebate program details for terms and conditions.

Older ACs Are Expensive

Most ACs have a useful life of 15-20 years. Just like older automobiles, they get more expensive to operate and fix as they age. It is not uncommon for ACs to perform at an efficiency level lower than their rating due to age and installation quality. 

If your 10-year-old AC is operating at an EER 9 level, you can expect savings of 20-30% by taking advantage of this rebate program.

R-22 is Hard on the Planet and Your Wallet​

Many older AC units run on R-22 refrigerant, a "super greenhouse gas" that the Environmental Protection Agency started phasing out in 2010. R-22 is harmful to the ozone layer and increasingly expensive. 

R-22 cannot be produced after 2020. Only recycled or reclaimed supplies will be available, which will dramatically drive up the cost of servicing older AC units that run on R-22.

Act now to avoid having to repair your older AC.
 Save on a high-efficiency AC in three simple steps!


Here's How to Claim Your Rebate:

1. Select a participating contractor from this list of approved local contractors.​*
Approved contractors have received specialized training and are certified to install new central AC units.

If your preferred contractor is not on the list, refer them Proctor Engineering Group, who is overseeing the recruitment, training, and certification for this rebate program.

​2. Your contractor will take care of you throughout the rebate process. They are responsible for testing your central AC unit to ensure that it's eligible for the program.

3. Receive your rebate! ​Your contractor will submit the documentation needed for your rebate, including a finalized permit and invoice. You'll receive your rebate check in 2-4 weeks after the permit has been finalized.

* Customers are advised to perform due diligence when selecting a contractor. BWP is not responsible for any liabilities, loss, damages, or claims arising out of or relating to any act, error, or misconduct by contractors approved to participate in the AC Replace Before It Breaks Rebate Program. Rebate programs subject to change without notice. 
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