Business Bucks

Participate in the Business Bucks Program

BWP has hired Richard Heath and Associates (RHA) to run the Business Bucks Program on our behalf. For more information on Business Bucks—including finding out if your business is eligible to participate—please contact RHA at (877) 290-2590.


Step 1: Get a Free Energy Survey

BWP will send a certified resource manager to your facility to conduct a free energy survey, looking at lighting, air conditioning, refrigeration, motors and the building envelope. A report will be generated listing the recommended efficiency retrofits, the cost to perform the retrofit, anticipated annual energy savings, and simple payback.

Step 2: Choose Retrofits for Your Business

Businesses can select which recommendations they would like to install and BWP's certified installers will conduct that work at the facility. Depending on energy usage levels (see table). BWP will pay up to $5,000 for recommended retrofits selected.

Step 3: Participate Again!

Past participants may now be eligible for a second round of funding based on their energy usage tier level. Unspent incentives from the first round of budgeted funding can be added to this amount. To be eligible businesses must have remaining cost effective measures identified in the audit.

Business Bucks FAQ

Q. Who's eligible for Business Bucks?

  • All Burbank businesses with annual electricity usage below 250,000 kilowatt-hours are eligible to participate in this program. Any qualified business location is allowed to participate one time and receive funding up to their tiered incentive cap. Participants prior to July 2015 are eligible for a second round of funding, essentially doubling the location’s incentive cap. A change in tenancy or ownership does not re-qualify that location. The business must be served under a BWP commercial electric rate.

Q. What does Business Bucks offer me?

  • BWP provides eligible businesses with a free energy survey of their facility followed by up to $5,000 in retrofits that will reduce your organization’s energy use. If you elect to install measures above your Business Bucks limit, you can still use RHA’s installation services at BWP’s negotiated pricing. Your organization would only pay any cost above the Installation Incentive Cap, although you may also be eligible for a BWP rebate on your investment through our Energy Solutions cash rebate program. For more information on Energy Solutions, please click here.

Q. This sounds too good to be true. What's the catch?

  • There is no catch. The program is truly this good. BWP pays for the cost of the energy survey of your facility and BWP pays up to the Incentive Cap for retrofits you select. You pay nothing, just reap the rewards of a more efficient building and reduced energy costs. Over one-third of all Burbank businesses have already taken advantage of this program, so join the ranks of those energy-wise facilities!

Q. How do I sign up?

  • BWP can serve about 200 Burbank businesses annually with Business Bucks. We will help any eligible customer on a first come, first served basis. To find out if your organization is eligible to participate, simply call RHA at (877) 290-2590.

Q. What other incentives are available for me?

  • As Burbank businesses, you are also eligible for Metropolitan Water District’s water rebate program. Please call (877) 728-2282 for details or visit SoCalWater$
    Southern California Gas Company customers are eligible to participate in their incentive programs. Visit the SoCal Gas website for business energy efficiency rebate programs.