BWP is Community Owned
BWP is a not-for-profit organization owned by the citizens of Burbank.  Our mission is to provide reliable, affordable and sustainable water and electric services.  BWP’s offices are located in the community and we are readily available to customers -- in person, over the phone and online.  When you need us, BWP is “Always there for you!”


Local Control and Presence
Burbank’s City Council determines how BWP’s services are provided within the community, including setting rates and approving services. Council members are residents of Burbank who are not just customers of the utility, but are thoroughly familiar with its operations and services.  Decisions about BWP’s operations are made in Burbank, with input by members of the community always encouraged.  We invite you to become part of the discussion!


The Public Interest
BWP is operated in the public interest, for the benefit of the residents and businesses of Burbank. As a community-owned utility, BWP does not operate for the financial benefit of stockholders who may live hundreds of miles away and have little interest in our community.  The Burbank community is who we work for!  


Keeping Dollars in the Community
There are numerous ways that BWP helps to maintain and improve a sound local economy:

  • BWP makes significant contributions to the City of Burbank’s General Fund. The General Funds pays for services such as Fire, Police, and Libraries.
  • Local ownership means that customers' utility dollars stay in the Burbank community, creating jobs and supporting the local economy.
  • About one-third of BWP’s 300+ workforce live in Burbank.
  • BWP offers “ONE Burbank” fiber optic services to Burbank businesses.  Revenue from this service helps fund reliable and affordable electric services for all customers, as well as attract new businesses to Burbank.