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We're here to help! Find answers to your questions about your new BWP bill. 

1. Why does my bill still look the same?

The new bill layout is being rolled out through the month of March. You will see the new bill layout in April 2019. 

2. Why is my bill two pages when it used to be one page?

BWP is providing more information about the services you recieve on your bill. This addition of this information can result in a two-page bill. You can always enroll in paperless billing by creating an online account and managing your preferences in your Account Settings.

3. Why is my solar credit box missing?

Your solar credit box will only appear when you accumulate excess solar credits. The solar credit box will not display if you do not have any solar credits.  

4. Is it more expensive to print my bill in color? 

Color bill statements have become more common and the cost to print in color is similar to grayscale statements. 

5. Who can I contact if I have questions about my BWP bill?

Please call our Customer Service team at (818) 238-3700.

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