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Solar system at Burbank airport


Due to a change in schedule, the Burbank City Council vote on the Fiscal Year 2014-15 Solar Support program recommendations has been delayed until July 22, 2014.  Please check this webpage on July 28th for updated program information including lottery information, timelines, rebate levels, etc. The program is expected to remain closed to all solar installations over 30 kilowatts in size.

Before deciding to install solar power, customers are encouraged to read the links to the left carefully.

If a BWP customer purchases solar equipment or signs a contract before they have been approved for a rebate, they will be disqualified from participating in the program.  If a customer decides to install solar PV without a BWP rebate, all the BWP interconnection rules and City of Burbank safety regulations apply.

If you have additional questions about the lottery or Solar Support Rebate program, please contact:

John Joyce:  or

Alfred Antoun:

Solar Installers: Whether your client proceeds with or without a BWP solar rebate you must follow the step by step guide here: Installer Instructions.